Thursday, 4 August 2011

Chrome forever.

I love Google Chrome. As the second most popular browser, most of you have probably heard of it.
It's used by almost 1 in 4 people, similarly to Mozilla Firefox, but recently overtook it in terms of popularity.

I love it for its sleek feel, with the clever use of the top bar, and the massive viewing space; a minimalistic, uncluttered screen, which really helps when you have a low screen resolution. It also loads faster than any browser, due to a multi-process system, that prioritises exactly what you need right now; snappy browsing on what you want!
And, essentially, it has extensions. Extensions took of with Firefox, the most customisable browser around, which I used to use. However, Chrome implements extensions too! While the API for developers isn't as extensive, Chrome is growing ever stronger as time goes on, and I hope soon it will implement the same level of development that Firefox does.
Another, less well known feature of Chrome is how it updates. Unlike Internet Explorer, which has large, bulky updates, infrequently, Chrome has tiny, efficient updates of less than 1% of the size, which do all the same things. However, rather than the user seeing a notification to "Restart to apply update", Chrome automatically downloads and applies the update when you open a new tab.
That seamless integration means that the user is always on the cutting edge of well-optimised browsing, with high-security too.
This is why I love Chrome. Try it out and see for yourself:
Particularly for those of you using IE. Just because your system comes with it, doesn't make it good. I mean, you were born without the knowledge of walking, and look how free you are now! Try Chrome. If you don't prefer it to IE... You need help. No, seriously.