Saturday, 30 July 2011

Making swords... In real life

I really like swords, but there's the slight problem of shops not wanting to sell them to me... I gave no idea why xD
So instead, I have decided that I shall craft some myself! I'll make them out of wood, of course, and then I'll probably temper the edge by adding some other, hard wearing material on the edge. Then I'll paint it of course...
By the way, they're likely to look like anime swords, so sorry in advance xD
Pics to follow!
If anyone has any tips on how to make the sword, or ideas on specific wood or tempering material, feel free to comment!

Monday, 25 July 2011


I'm a parkour guy, yes. I've been doing it on and off for a couple of years now, only seriously in the past 4 or 5 months though...
I've always been told that I'm "fearless" with my jumping, or, as some put it, "an idiot." However, it is just that I know what my body can do! That is what parkour means to me; Using your body to its best ability.
To be honest though, parkour allows you to utilise the full capacity of your body, for free movement. It shows how the limits we place on ourselves can be overcome, through perseverance.
If you're interested in doing parkour, feel free to comment or go here:
Feel free to go on the forums and post!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Kongregate - Free Flash Gaming Online

I use Kongregate loads, and for two main reasons:
There are always really good games, from the newest (e.g Learn to Fly 2) to the classics (Age of War <3)
Badges. They use an ingenious achievement system, where you perform feats in the game, and get badges and points for doing it. These points then add up, and are represented by a level.
I find it's a really good way to motivate you to play a game and achieve certain tasks, and adds a feeling of accomplishment to the game. Also, since Kongregate is part of the GameStop network, there is talk of future rewards based on points earned, such as Xbox games, gift cards, etc.
You regularly get challenges that have added bonuses, such as an entry into some sweepstakes, or extra points, or a new avatar and quest.
Overall, I think it is a really fun gaming site, that I visit regularly!

Signup link:

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Counter-Strike Source

Yet another amazing game. I paid for this... Twice. It uses the source engine, so that means easy mods, easy control and customisation of a server, and all the variants of the source games you could want:
Zombie Infection/Escape
Deathmatch games
RPG levelling between games (Increase health, regen, ammo, etc)
Surfing (personal favourite)
Deathrun (run past various obstacles, another favourite)
Link to buy it on source

Example picture:


Yes, I play Minecraft. I bought it when it was in Alpha though, before the Beta rush!
I've always enjoyed building large structures, and I've even made my world a bit funky!
Pics to follow, but here's some examples of what you can do:

This space invaders I have done myself before, but not with so many rows